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TVG Review: Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X Review

Mortal Kombat X is out now and the game is as fun as you imagine it to be; If you are a fan of this series you will for sure love this one, it has the classic fast passed bloody gameplay with new and bloodier “x-ray” attacks and imaginative fatalities, and if your are a newcomer to the series you will most definitely have fun with this over the top fighting game. 

The gameplay feels smoother than ever in the current gen consoles and the “kombos” are not that hard to learn and perform, although if you want to be a pro or learn every fighters combos you will spend some time learning all the mechanics and tricks there are to the game. One thing I like a lot about the game is that they took the stage interactions from Injustice gods among us, which is developed by the same company, and added them to this game, but don’t worry if you like a more classic MK you can always turn them off.

The graphics of the game are nothing too crazy or revolutionary but in the MK series it has never been about that, it’s more about how crazy can they get with the fatalities and how they handle the story, this game does both of those things right. The fatalities are crazier and bloodier than ever; although I couldn’t help but notice that they always include something to with the head, with that said there is not one that looks similar to another. Talking about the story, without any spoilers, it picks up where mortal Kombat 9 left and it is as good as always, anybody can enjoy the adventure and have a kick at it.

Content wise the game futures a 24 roster character selection, which is smaller than the last instalment and it does feel a bit small especially if you play a lot of big roster fighting games like Smash Brothers or the Naruto series. The game doesn’t have that many modes, although you only really need the story, versus, and online, but it does add this new “clan” system called “Faction Wars” in which you play online and win points for your faction and receive various rewards based on how you and your faction did, I think this mode really can add much more replay value to the game and that is always appreciated.  The game futures in game DLC which is always frustrating and considering the amount of content it is not on the cheap side, comparing it to different great dlc like smash bros or Mario kart 8.

All in all the game is a lot of fun, it is a great addition to the series and always a different fighting game you can have. Fans or the series, fans of fighting games, I think anybody can have a blast playing it and I do recommend checking it out or getting it if you are hesitant whether to get it or not.


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