Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"Iwata Asks" Interview with the Xenoblade Chronicles X crew

Asking the Xenoblade Chronicles X team

In the latest Iwata Asks, a web series of interviews by Nintendo CEO, Satoru Iwata, we get an interview with the team behind the Wii U's upcoming title, Xenoblade Chronicles X.

We get details on priorities when starting development, storytelling, connection with the characters, amount of content, and much more!

Tetsuya Takahashi, general director of
Xenoblade Chronicles X

As always, the interview starts by introducing the interviewees, who present themselves one by one. They then talk about how one of the game's priorities was the feel of the game, the immersion, Tetsuya Takashi, the general director of the game, even says he believes the setting to be important in RPGs.

They explain that in the previous title of the series, they couldn't make a completely open world due to the Wii limitations, but now they were able to make the open world they wanted with the Wii U.
Koh Kojima, Monolith Soft director for
Xenoblade Chronicles X

Koh Kojima, director from Monolith Soft for this game, tells how difficult it is to make an open world where players can free roam, because you can't make a linear layout where you take players where you want, you have to make each area interesting and rewarding so each one counts. It's then described as a heaven for players, a hell for creators.

During the interview, we also get insight into the storytelling, the Skell mech suits, thoughts, amount of content, conection between areas and characters, and more.

If you want to know more about the development of Xenoblade Chronicles X, you can read the whole interview here: Iwata Asks - Xenoblade Chronicles X

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