Thursday, July 16, 2015

Blaziken Playable in Pokkén Tournament

The Blaze Pokémon Joins the Fight!

Blaziken, the first Fire/Fighting starter has been confirmed to be one of the playable Pokémon for the fighting game after he was teased way back when the game was revealed, on a screenshot of him facing against Lucario.

Blaziken is the second fire starter and second third generation Pokémon to be confirmed for Pokkén Tournament.

Blaziken's moveset seems to rely a lot on his kicking moves and fire, not confirmed, but seems he can do moves like his signature Blaze Kick.

Like all these reveals, there seems to be no official upload at the moment, so we'll post a link from the guys at GameXplain.

Reinforcing the fact that there's no official upload, is the low quality of this video, which was recorded from a live stream yesterday in Japan:

Are you liking Pokkén Tournament so far? What do you think of Blaziken joining the playable roster? Let us know in the comments.

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