Friday, April 24, 2015

Xenoblade Chronicles X Direct

What we learned from the Xenoblade Chronicles X Direct.

From the world map, to side-quests, to the story line, to the controls, and more.

Humanity has managed to survive an Alien attack by leaving their home planet and starting a new society in a new planet, Mira, in a city called New Los Angeles.

There's 5 continents in this world, each very different from one another, Primordia, where the player starts its journey and humanity has started to create a new society, Noctilum, a wilderness filled with vegetation and water, Oblivia, a giant dessert with an oasis, Sylvalum, a deep tundra, and Cauldros, a post-apocalyptic volcanic area with ancient architecture from an unknown culture.
A character on a Skell gazing upon New Los Angles.

The Wii U gamepad's touchscreen will be used for exploring and tapping on the map, exploration, quest log and other features that will prove useful to keep track of all the content this game has to offer.

The creatures in this game vary in shape and size, also varying in how easy it is to approach it, and if they'll be peaceful or attack you head on.

There's two items which will aid you exploring new areas, the first is the Nav Ball, which is a light ball that will show you the path you must take to go forth in the story. The other item is the Hopper Cam, which basically works as the live google maps within the game.

Skells are the mech suits in the game which allow you to explore the world easily weather it is by air or land, and also give you an advantage in combat.

For more details and to take a look at the graphics of the game, you can watch the Xenoblade Chronicles X Video Showcase here:

Did the Direct build up the hype you where expecting for? Let us know in the comment section.

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